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The questions are similar to those on the real Victorian marine licence theory test for boats. Test your boating knowledge for free here.

How do I get a Victorian marine licence?

To get the Victorian marine licence for boats and PWCs (jetskis), you only need to pass a multiple-choice theory test at VicRoads.

The marine licence test (for boats):
• 30 multiple-choice questions
• 26 correct questions to pass

PWC endorsement test (for jetskis):
• 15 multiple-choice questions
• 13 correct questions to pass

Book your exam by calling 13 11 71
  • More info about the test
  • All VicRoads service centers

How does TheoryBoat work?

‣ Video course
Short videos teach you the entire curriculum, topic by topic. A quiz after each topic checks that you have learned what you need.

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‣ Track Your Progress
When the app says you are going to pass, you will pass with ease.

‣ Pass Guarantee
You can feel confident you'll pass - we seldom hear of people failing. That's why we offer a Pass Guarantee - pass the theory test or get your money back.

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Video theory course for marine licence training in Victoria

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